Oil & Gas / Engineering

Administration and support applications, OS and technology solutions.

Manage platforms, applications and technology solutions.

Shellcode performs each projects upon operational processes that include detailed analysis of the objective, scopes, quality and testing which allows to achieve a successful deploy for any project´s challenge.

While keeping stance independent-vendor, Shellcode might involve itself in a wide range of solutions and technology architectures to cover main business needs, with emphasis of engagement levels for protecting and securing business assets.

  • Administration and supporting large scale UNIX infrastructures.
  • Improvement suggestions for technical support processes.
  • Engineering, deploy and support for collecting and manage events logs.
  • Authentication, authorization and accounting using single sign-on solutions on large scale environments UNIX / Windows.
  • Engineering and network security.
  • Configuring remote access, VPN and LAN/WAN.
  • Administration and supporting Mail and Web servers as well as Application servers, Proxy Systems, Domain controllers and Single-sign on solutions.

Hardening and improve technical maintenance processes.

Shellcode has been keeping since startup a main focus on information security and special care on both levels networking performance as operating systems.

By this way should identify best practices configuration for hardening Operating Systems and protecting business information. In addition with that, the SHELLCODE´s professional services might improve data-flows information to leverage functional and technical optimization regarding business daily work.

  • Hardening Operating Systems and network devices.
  • Performance testing in local area networks, Operating Systems and Oil&Gas business applications.
  • Applying operational best practices procedures and information security policy in heterogeneous architectures.
  • Design and deployment solutions for handling security incidents, data-loss prevention and both intrusion prevention as detection.
  • Reviewing and solve security issues over network design and architectures.

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